Sample Essay

A research published in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology by Björklund attempted to determine the relation between isolation and moralization. The morality of a human was divided into different aspects of morality that included “moralism (the tendency to evaluate everything in terms of right and wrong), conscience (strength of feelings of right and wrong) and reparation (inclination to repair the damage one has caused” (Björklund, 2001).

The study was based on a test involving 54 university students who were tested on their moral decision making psychology. The results of the study provided that human psychology for morality can be highly effected by unconscious cognitive decision making elements that are also responsible for the ability of a human to categorize and stereotype.  The study also indicated that there exists a “positive correlations between the defense mechanism isolation of affect and moralism, and between identification with the aggressor and reparation” (Björklund, 2001).

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