Sample Essay

Humans can be conditioned but due to their volatile nature and independent process of cognitive thinking it is not possible to ensure that zero percent of recidivism can be achieved through any correctional programs, including the boot camp method. The effectiveness of the boot camps is a prominent research topic. Extensive research has been under take on the results of the boot camp programs in theUnited Statesto determine its success and the impact that it has on recidivism. Research conducted in the field has revealed that the boot camp programs do not effectively reduce the number of re-arrests or relapse of the boot camp graduates to criminal activities after graduation.

     A research conducted by Mackenzie, Brame, Mcdowall, and Souryal in 2006 on analysis of the boot camp prisons and recidivism in eight US states provided that while reducing recidivism is one of the main objectives of the programs, such programs do not necessarily lead to reduction in recidivism as their effectiveness is dependent on numerous factors including future supervision and accountability of behavior. “The analysis suggests that those who complete boot camp do not inevitably perform either better or worse than their comparison group counterparts. Rather, program effectiveness has to be judged on a state-by state basis.” (Mackenzie et al, 2006)

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