Sample Essay

The following paper highlights the differences that are present for the ethical issues in for a b2c site and a b2b site. A b2b site is essentially on which is created for trade and interacts with another business. The products and services that are promoted and sold through the b2b site are meant for other businesses that are the main target market of the b2b sites. The b2c sites on the other hand are sites which conduct transaction with the general public and consumers. The b2c site has it’s the consumers in the market as their target market and sell their products and services to them for consumption. The nature of the customers and the audience is the main difference that exists between the b2b and the b2c sites on the internet.

The regulatory issues that are associated with the b2b and the b2c sites on the internet deal with issues of security the impact of globalization and the developing nature of the internet which imposes threats for both b2b and b2c sites. When it comes to b2b sites the regulation pertain to authenticity of the products and services that are provide by the company to other businesses, and the legal relationship between the business entities. For the b2c sites however the regulatory issues are more abundant as they deal with the product and service provision by the b2c company to the mass consumers and the regulation of the transaction between these parties. The security of the operations and transactions over the internet through the EDI is the main target of the regulations that aim to provide protection to both the customers as well as the corporations operated b2c sites.

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