Sample Essay

The third option available is to implement a specific record management system. The advantage of this option is that it would suit the product of the company which are mostly electronic files moreover the company is seeking to store all manual information in electronic format as well.The costs associated with option can be a bit high as business process reengineering might need to be conducted. However the long term benefits of the use for a records management system would be immense for the company. The services that are provided by an electronic record management soft ware pertain to categorizing, filtering and archiving of the records. The process of sorting and storing the records is automated. In addition professional record management experts set up the system according to the specifications of the company making the software customized to the operations of the company. Aside form this data recovery is also possible as the software usually tends to keep back up data on remote servers and storage depositories. This data is very convenient to access and search through making it possible for even novice computer users to use the systems.

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