Sample Essay

The strategies which would best solve the source problem as well as the following issues as identified above are as follows.

Short Term:

In the short term, the Wal-Mart Company will need to invest in technology as well as change its inventory management policies and procedures. By adjusting the level of forecast of inventory and taking into account the billions of dollars of inventory already available to the company, the company can reduce the overhead costs associated with the inventory management as well as those of wastage and obsolete products by implementing this strategy in the short term.

Long Term:

In the long term the company should change its vision and focus of operations. The company will need to take into account the changing needs and requirements of the customer sand invest in making their stores and hyper markets look aesthetically good as well as make them cleaner and much more inviting. Aside from this the company will also need to restructure the organization, use innovating technology to support the changes and revaluates its 8 percent annual floor expansion plan.

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