Sample Essay

The future for the LPG market is very prospective due to the increasing demand by the consumers of the LPG. However the current strategies that have been taken up by Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) in the region pertaining to the placement and the distribution of the product have been insufficient to meet the needs of the consumers.It was highlighted earlier that the corporate goal of the Shell Pakistan is to provide its shareholders with profitable rate of return on their investments, foster growth in the economy for their company as ell as increase the standard of living in the community by facilitating their development while providing for the environment as well. The marketing goal of the company was to make the consumers and target market aware of the presence of the Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) in the market. However while the company has been able to establish its presence in the market, it has widely been unable to achieve its corporate goals, this is mostly due to the fact that while the company has been able to not properly cater to the market available for the LPG product it has been proving constraint profits to its shareholders.


Aside from this the lack of provision and proper distributing of the LPG product has also constrained the development of the local communities and the consumers in the market.

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