Sample Essay

Normally people think of rapists to be masked strangers however research has shown that most of the rapes that are committed by some the victim personally or professional knows. This makes the issue much more complex as the victim usually tends to trust the abuser. Date rape is a sex crime which comes under this category and is usually committed while on a formal social outing. The abusers of this crime can be friends of the victim or even their acquaintances and partners.

“Rapes by strangers represent fewer than 25% of all rapes; the remaining 75% occur between acquaintances. Contrary to the rape myth, most rapes occur inside and do not involve the use of weapons.”(Varelas and Foley, 1998)However due to the complexity of the crime, it is often difficult and confusing to classify the act as a date rape. However if there was no formal consent then it is considered a felony.

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