Sample Essay

The quality problems that exist when employing other forms of inventory management include the depletion of inventory, inventory perishing due to climatic conditions, aging of the raw material which affects the quality by decreasing it. Moreover if such quality inventory is not identified and sorted out it can end up going into production. This can increase the risk of damage to the equipment as well as contamination of other produced lots. The biggest problem however is that the quality of the final product is greatly affected and hampered by the decreased quality of the material that goes into the manufacturing and production process. In Just in Time however this is avoided as the process does not employ storage of inventory or warehousing of any materials that go into production. This reduces the aging, the perishing and the depletion of the quality of material that goes into production making the end result of the finished product to be of considerable high quality standards depending on the standard quality of materials used as input. Aside from this the regular deliveries of materials that are made, are usually made under the contract that the supplier is providing the manufacturer with materials of a pre-established quality standard.

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