Sample Essay

Previously the public was only able to access the mass public media in the form of the television and radio where the content could still be regulated. In the recent years with the advancement of the internet, the public is now able to access unregulated content through internet via video sharing and video streaming from anywhere in the world. This has led to an increased chaos and fear amongst the public especially when it comes to terrorist threats (Beckett, 2004) and spread of viral diseases like mad cow, bird flu and swine flu.

            While the public is entitled to know the truth and have liberty of choice and free speech, regulation of the television as well as internet media is required in order to control and eliminate fear amongst the public. For this purpose the government can make an effort to regulate media. News channels on the television as well as on the internet have to be provided guidelines form the national censor board to not depict footage on the mass media which can instill fear and terror amongst the public. The international news channels cannot be directly regulated however monitoring of the channels can be done to censor footage in the real time. Aside from this another technique that can be employed is to blur the images to reduce the impact that they might have. This is specifically targeted at the international news channels. The videos online on the internet however also cannot be directly controlled or regulated. Effort can be made to flag such videos and minimize their availability on the internet as well as on the regionally used mobile viewing devices.

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