Sample Essay

The protection of network security for telecommunication networks is established through numerous measures, some of them have been highlighted in this section. Backups are used for telecommunication network security in order to have copies of data used the system and to protect data incase of any damage to the network. This is a protection measure employed for establishment of contingency planning. Aside from this an audits conducted of the important events and the logs in order to assess the network for any unexpected and non routine activities.

Access to data and resources on the telecommunication network security is monitored and supervised. As a result authentication policies are implemented whereby the user is allowed restrictive access to the information and the network resources according to his/ her needs. These needs are identified through the needs assessment of the user and are reflected in the user rights manual for the telecommunication network security and policy (Vogel, 2006). Use of login passwords/ usernames, and configuration of access rights to the network devices are other protection measures employed to secure telecommunication networks.

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