Sample Essay

Slum clearance was the process of removing the areas of slums n the major cities. In America the slums were regions of the large urban cities which were crawling with filth, crime, decaying buildings and faulty municipality and infrastructure. The reason for this state of the infrastructure was mostly diue to lack of maintenance and neglect. By employing slum clearance the regional government was able to make changes to the region by demolition and eradicating the slums. The renewal of the slums in this context pertained to reestablishing them as regions of prosperity for the community as well as for the economy. For this the slums were first cleared out and then set up gin according to modern urbanization and environmental supporting regulations.


Some examples of slum renewal include the Atlantic Yard project and the Lincoln Square Development. The Atlantic Yards project focused on providing an environmentally sustainable infrastructure to the community through the use of renewable sources of energy and environmentally compatible building structures. The Lincoln Squarehowever was developed on the 60ths Street, 70th Street and the Broadway and Columbus avenues which was one of the largest slums in NYC. The old buildings in the region as well as theSan Juan Hill were destructed to make way for the Lincoln Centre and neighborhoods which were aesthetically sound. This region was developed to make way for cultural institutions and residential towers which had a greater ethnic, social and cultural significance.

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