Sample Essay

The Boeing Corporation was able to pave a path for its monopolistic regime by focusing o the commercial market for passengers rather than on the military contracts. The company as a result applied its intellectual capital as well as the talent of its people at developing cost effective aircrafts which could cater to large number of passenger transport in a speedy and safe manner.

However Boeing’s Claim to fame came from its project team called ‘The Incredibles’ who worked on the 747 passenger aircraft. They were able to develop the world’s largest aircraft carrier in less than 16 months setting a record for the competition. This was mostly because of the project management strategies that were employed by Boeing these took the form of the following:

  • Developing and handling temporary organization: the company formed team which coexisted for small period of times on temporary basis to compete the project. “The ability of Boeing to develop and handle such organizations has of course been noted for team leadership and member devotion. Unlike most situations where such characteristics are noted and then mysteriously disappear a short time later, the 85-year history of Boeing would seem to suggest that the company does indeed understand this process.”(Wilson & Anell)
  • Develop and Handle a Portfolio of projects: This was evident in the case where the Bowing has been investing and operating on the project 747 after the completion of the 737 and co sponsored the project for the construction of a new plant atEverett. Aside form this more recently the company has been developing variants of the 747, the 787 Dreamliner and now the 747-8 in a simulations process.
  • Learn form projects and periodically reinvent it: This has been seen in the way the company has been establishing new standards in the industry in the past 37 years.

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