Sample Essay

An organization is in the best shape when it is expanding and growing.  In this condition, it increases its employees as it boundaries are expanding. Recruitment is not very hard these days as you can hire people by using a number of techniques. The best way to get good people is to hire a head hunting company. These companies have resumes pooling in from everywhere. Once they get a requirement from any company, they match the requirements with their data bank and send suitable candidates. These companies usually do not charge anything from the employee but the employer has to pay a certain amount to the head hunting firm. This figure is decided between both the parties through mutual understanding.

Using paid job websites is the second option. What is the difference between a paid job website and a free employment website? Paid websites have a strong candidate scanning system. They do not accept resumes below a certain level. In addition to that, they provide a good correspondence system to the employers.  Employers have to pay online by setting up an account. When they have an open position, they have to provide a set of job requirements on the website.

Once the requirement is processed, a customer representative would contact the employer and discuss his preferences. This is a completely virtual system. The employer does not have to meet any one apart from the candidates.  Smaller firms which do not have the budget to use paid versions use free options like social networking and corporate references.

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