Sample Essay

Some of the products that are under development and being led by the Boeing Corporation include the formal launch of the 787 Boeing Dreamliner. This series is tp be launched by selling and delivering the consignment to the Nippon Airways and Air NewZealand. Other main customers of the company include Emirates, Qatar Airways, AirCanada, FedEx and Air Atlanta Icelandic. The main rival of the company on the other hand is Airbus however the company has outstripped the competition through the deployment of its 787 Dreamliner.

The company however is still looking forwards to and is planning to launch the Dreamliner 78710 which is going to be a larger version of the 787. In 2005 Boeing announced that it would be revamping the 747 and the 747-8 which would result n a larger variant for this line. The two models proposed were to include a freighter model for cargo carriers and the Intercontinental model which is to be a passenger plane. The changes in the models were to depict and feature a more elongated fuselage, new engines, new technology based wings as well as incorporation of the technologies that are have been used in the manufacture and set up of the 787 Dreamliner.

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