Sample Essay

The products and services that are under consideration in this business venture relate to the energy efficient lighting products provided by ProTerra. The products of the company were originally developed by the founder of ProTerra, John Johnston aimed at making energy consumption much more effective and efficient. The Company has developed proprietary patentable technologies that include, but are not limited to, SmartPulse Cooling, Optic Light Enhancement, Ambient Light Controller and Quik- Conneck Plug and Play for ProTerra LED light bulbs. It has integrated them with the latest LED semiconductor technology from Osram Sylvania, General Electric and Royal Philips Electronics.

The main products under consideration include the street and parking lot lights, the high bay industrial lights as well as the LED office lights. However for the purpose of this business plan, the most suitable product that can provide successive high rates of profit from sales in the first five years of operation is the LED High bay Industrial Lights that can be fitted into streets as well as parking lots. The following table depicts the profit generation of the three products under consideration for the first five years of operation.

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