Sample Essay

The products are services that are provided by the company through the virtual library are of data origin. The main products and services provided by the company are online transaction processing systems and related technology however in this paper the products and services that are being targeted are the academic data and industry report based products and services that the company provides to its customers.

The company also provides data based products and services to the customers as well which help the customers manage their data generate through the retail and payment processing systems to take advantage of the marketing opportunities made available. Information on how to best use their service based online systems, as well as developments and research on innovative technology and its use in respective industries of credit cards, debit cards, private levels, gifts, payroll based financial services as well as the solutions for merchant transactions and commerce transactions on the internet are covered in detail by the data resources and data based services provided by the company to its customers.

The customers can register online to access the complete version of the virtual library, while a selective portion of the library is made accessible to all who can download the PDF and HTML based files for the data resources through the portal without registering or paying any charge.

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