Sample Essay

The products that already exist in the market are priced and positioned as premium iced tea products. The Arizona Beverage Company can seek to position the products as consumer friendly and affordable iced tea while maintaining the international nature of the Original Arizona Iced Tea brand through brand association with the Arizona beverage Company. Keeping the prices low and the label of the international brand will increase demand for the product in the market while also increasing the circulation and dissemination of the product in the masses. This in itself can create marketing for the company through word of mouth advertisings from satisfied customers.

The target markets of the Original Arizona Iced Tea brand can be segmented in terms of their demographics and their geographical positioning along with their tea consumption style. The characteristics of the target market for the Original Arizona Iced Tea brand depict that the target market would be primarily living in the urban areas ofIndia, mostly in the cosmopolitan towns and cities. The target customers would be health conscious people who like to incorporate herbs and natural ingredients in their drinks and beverages instead of artificial flavoring. The age of the target customers can range between 10-50 year olds who want an alternative revitalizing beverage to the tradition hot tea or the cold soft drinks available in the market.

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