Sample Essay

The product that is being offered is a range of durable and multipurpose furniture that can be made from any kind of wood, making the product diverse in its appearance. The utility that would be provided by the product would be that it would provide the consumer with a conformable and convenient solution for their seating problems, while being convenient, durable and cost effective as well. The furniture items pertaining to the armchair, the bench and the adjustable table will be sold under the brand name of ‘Diverse Furnishings’. The nature of the furniture will allow it to cater to different tastes in fashion, as the table can be adjusted to become a Zen like coffee table or a dining table. The armchair can be upholstered to convert to an easy sofa while the bench can be used both indoors and outdoors proving multiple functionality. The packaging that would be provided for the items would be environmental friendly and compact in order provide convenience for the consumers.

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