Sample Essay

The goods and services mix, the communications mix, the human resource mix and the pricing mix are the different product mix that are taken into account retail marketing strategy development. The components of the goods and service mix comprise of merchandise, variety, assortment, guarantee, exchange, customer services, credit, alteration and adjustments, deliver, parking and store image. The communications mix consists of advertising, catalogues, store layout, public relations, internal displays, window displays, telephone sales, sales promotions, special sales and store image. The human resource mix consists of personal selling customer services, interaction with the customers, merchandise information, salespeople’s advice, and support people for maintenance, cleaning, security, delivery and store image. (Samli, 1998, p16)

The goods and services mix is the combination of the merchandize carried by the retailer and the service that is provided by the retailer. The goods that come under the goods and service mix are merchandise good including apparel, consumer durables, home appliance, and house furniture. The services that are provided by the retailer are in the form of in store service and after sales customer service. Successful retailers ensure that the goods and services mix properly targets the consumers in the target market segments. For achieving this retailers integrate the goals of the retailer marketing strategy with the goods and service mix.

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