Sample Essay

Isolation from routine and social constructs tends to have a profound effect on the psychological cognition and reasoning of an individual which also changes the perspective of morality for an individual. Isolation can lead to severe aggravation of formerly subsisting mental states, or in the emergence of mental ailments which had not been detected before. Even amongst convicts who do not exhibit evident psychiatric disorders as a result of isolation, such detention almost inexorably inflicts major psychological harm at some stage in the period of isolated internment and often radically harms the prisoner’s ability to successfully get used to the broader prison atmosphere.

The principle of prison detentions is to remove the individual from their routine lives and put them in isolation from the norms and contradicts of the society. This is to enforce reflection in the period of punishment however the aspect of loss of morality from the isolation from society is not usually considered in this regard. The isolated state in prisons and the power shared by prison gangs and those in powerful positions in such establishments alters the moral behavior of the individuals. Altered behavior among prison personnel is evident from attitudes they display with intentions visibly to control the captive inmates by means of spiritual, mental and/or physical breakdown. This is achieved through capricious placement of inmates in isolation; exceptionally limited access to learning prospects, worship, or occupational training; corporal torture, such as enforced cell extractions, strap-downs, hog-tying, thrashing after restraint, and aggravation of hostility amongst captives; mental anguish such as sensory withdrawal, enforced idleness, oral stalking, mail rigging, revelation of classified information, assertions forced under suffering and intimidation against family members; sexual threats and brutality, by means of strip searches, spoken sexual persecution, sexual touching, and rape as a method of control.

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