Sample Essay

There is significance importance being placed on preschool programs for children by the teachers at elementary schools as well as the parents of the children. Both of these parties seek to provide the children with the intellectual capability of developing and learning at a fast pace in order to be able to start the mental growth and developmental process at an early stage. “Preschool programs began in earnest in the United Statesduring the first quarter of the twentieth century.

The philosophical foundations for these programs can be traced to the belief, popularized during the seventeenth century, that early childhood is a unique period of life during which the foundation for all subsequent learning is established. The early programs often began informally and involved the efforts of women who took turns caring for each other’s children. The first public preschool program began at theFranklinSchoolinChicagoin 1925 with the support of the Chicago Women’s Club.” (‘Preschool – History and Demographics’)

The preschool programs are a product of the recent decades which have seen the family structure and the role played by the parents change dramatically. “In 1970, for example, only 20 percent of three- and four-year-olds participated in organized education programs. In 1998, approximately half of all children in this age range attended a full-time pre-school program” (‘Preschool – History and Demographics’). The mothers were the traditional care givers and the teachers of the children in previously, however with their increased involvement in the work force as well as the increased competition to attain seats in prominent schooling programs at the elementary level, parents now tend to send their children to preschool in order to jumpstart and  develop their intellectual capabilities.

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