Sample Essay

The possible alternative options that are available to the business owner in the case are described here. The implement option that is available to the owner is to not make any changes and let everything the way it is. This will not aid in solving any problem, but it will not face any of the constraints mentioned above as well. However in the long run, the profitability of the shop will be sacrificed. The other option available will be to revert back to the old format of the shop. However by employing this option the business will be catering again to a limited clientele resulting in limited revenue. Another option that will be available to the business owner would be open different branches of the same shop to cater to the diverse markets. However this gain would be very costly for the business. It is possible that the business might not be able to handle the expanded set up as he has experience in classic and old records. The final option that would be available to the shop would be to partition the shop in to portions, attributing a larger portion to classic records. The smaller portion can be devoted to the various other forms of records thereby catering to the diverse market.

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