Sample Essay

The phenomenological method tends to assess the attitude of the client with the therapist encouraging the client to what they are and how the operate and fit into the world. IN the experiment technique, the therapist provides the client with a customized situation which is focused at enhancing the experience of the client in the here and now. The process encourages the client to live through an event, instead of simply talk about it to the therapist. The work with cognition method involves encouraging the client to identify and verbalize the errors and the faults in them, or any distortion or ambiguity that they face in life. The input is used by the therapist to determine the direct impact on the persons experience, though patterns as well as contact relations and beliefs.

There is limited research and material available on the Gestalt therapy and theory as the researchers claim the therapy is highly complex and diverse for them to conduct explorative and detailed research. However the research which is available indicates that the Gestalt therapy approach is still in the experimental stages despite being launched in the 1940s. “Simkin (1978) reported that Gestalt therapy was not even recognized by the Psychological Abstracts as separate from Gestalt psychology until 1973, and Harman’s (1984) conclusion of a review of Gestalt therapy research literature confirmed the scarcity of quality research in the field.

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