Sample Essay

The feedback section of the performance management at the Lehman Brothers company is conducted at the job where the managers and the immediate supervisor of the employee provide feedback in terms of the competence of the employee, their performance and the improvements that can be made. These are conducted on a more regular basis of as often as a daily or a weekly basis for different types of employees. The reward and compensation program at the company is also competitive but reflects the results of the performance management program. The employees and teams are provided increments basis=ed on their performance on a 6 monthly basis while the businesses and perks are provided to the employees based on their attainment of the set objectives for the time period.


The strength of such a performance management and reward compensation program is that it tends to reward the employees based on their performance pinpointing the problem areas and encouraging them to improve for attaining better rewards. The weakness of this program is that due to the power that the managers and the supervisors have on the performance assessment of the employee, conflict of interest issues often arise.

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