Sample Essay

In an attempt to become one of the fast moving developing countries, India has suffered major damage to its ecological systems. The Hindus by their traditions and their religion are an ecologically friendly society. However as the goddesses of wealth and gold in Hinduism are much valued that the goddesses of earth, the ecology of the country takes a severe beating from industrialization (Narayanan).

The increasing number of factories, polluting of river waters and seas and the increasing populations in the metropolitan conditions under highly unhygienic conditions has led to increased man made pollution. In order to counter this local businesses as well as some governmental and non governmental agencies are working towards restoring the ecological system of India to its previous balanced state while still employing corporate development (Stephens, 2008) Radical ecology is also a growing phenomenon. Radical ecologists threaten to take drastic actions akin to calling strikes, banning use of products made at environmentally unfriendly plants and engaging in violent protests against corporations and businesses involved in the industrialization of India.

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