Sample Essay

The House of Seven Gables is a story which revolved around aNew Englandbased mansion which is known to be haunted since its foundation as a result of deceptive, fraudulent and dealings relating to which craft and wizardry. The story involves a poor sister who, in order to support her ex con brother who is returning from serving a sentence n prison for the last thirty years, opens a small shop in one of the side rooms of the house.

From here in the story depicts the deceptions that govern the lives of the inhabitants of the house with ranging from fraudulent lawyers, magisterial and treasure and long lost deed hunters. The main aspect of the book which is interesting is the way the characters are described. The authors, Hawthorn has been known to be burdened and influenced by the practices of his ancestors pertaining to the Salem Witch Trails. The novel also highlights the same burden of the sin that is felt by the author on it’s main characters as well, however the circumstance sin which it is depicted are much different. In the preface of the novel as well the author states that the wrong doings of one generation can have a profound and lasting effect on the following generations in a negative manner which can become a nuisance for them.

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