Sample Essay

The Lehman Brothers is a global company with operations in United States, Canada, and Europe as well as in South and Pacific Asia. As a result the employees of the company come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. International placements and training in different regions of operations at the company are common. Moreover the integration of the human resource function is also diversified according to its operations. The head quarters of the function are based in the US in New York only but the regional headquarters of London and Tokyo also house the regional head quarters of the Human resource management function. The HR management policies are derives from the headquarters of the company in New York only, however due to the multicultural nature of its operations and the affect of the regional legal environment & social environment the employment laws of the local country of operation are also followed by the Lehman Brothers. The middle management is often hired by the regional HR functions, however the senior management and the global interns and associates hired at the company are done by the New York based HR function of Lehman Brothers.

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