Sample Essay

The objective of the paper is to analyze the company Habitat for Humanity International for its strengths, weaknesses and  the threats and the opportunities that are faced by the company through identification of strategies that can enable the company to overcome its threats through strengths and opportunities while develop on its weaknesses.

            The habitat for Humanity was initiated by Millard Fuller in 1976 to combat homelessness by providing the homeless and the needy with shelter. The company now operates in almost all continents in the world. The operations for the company are present inNorth America,South America,Africa,Europe,Asiaand the Asia Pacific. The main mission of the company is to reduce homelessness, provide support to those who need it, spread the message of love, develop partners and alliances through initiatives as well as develop communities that can co-inhabit to provide sustainable development for the homeless.

The primary stakeholders of the company include its employees, the staff and volunteers, the management, the strategic partners/ alliances, the donors and investors as well as the customers that avail the services of the company. The organization is well known in the market for providing affordable houses to the poor at low installment based prices with no additional profit. Despite the excellent reputation of the company, Habitat for Humanity International has to face issues pertaining to new donors, and required fund for operation in a not for profit business.

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