Sample Essay

The different options that are available to the company pertain to managing the records management activity on their own, outsourcing it to another company, or using a records management enterprise wide software.

As mentioned above one of the options available to the company is to handle the records management activity themselves. The advantage of employing this option would be that the company would be in charge of placing security measures, standards of quality or the operations as well as keeping the information confidential. However the costs pertaining to this option would be the increased costs of the operation. Moreover specific staff specializing in record management activities will have to be appointed which will again increase the costs for the company. The features available through this alternative are that this option provides complete confidentiality and the control of the operations is in the hands of the company. This option can also be made to improve by taking on assistance and counseling form industry experts in records management. However in the end the records management is the responsibility of the company itself

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