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On the other hand inland transportation through water is often congested and increasing the cost of transporting through the intermodal transport system. This depicts that proper planning and a systemic flow for the intermodal system needs to be developed.  The contaminated sediments also have been piling up making it possible for ships to venture near land without getting stuck or suffering bodily harm.  However by installing a sustainable environment policy and adopting strategic planning & information system for flow processing these issues can be resolved. Only significant investment in required in the industry.


Through the data available on the transport industry and the recent trends we have been able to identify the different factors that are creating the need for intermodal transportation. Moreover the problems that currently exist or hamper the intermodal transportation method have been outlines and discussed. The result that has been derived for the analysis is that in order to make the ports operational again and enable them to be competitive it is important of governments to shift to the intermodal transport policies. This requires significant investment by the government in the infrastructure of the ports as well as linking the ports to major roads for easing of transport to operations.

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