Sample Essay

Each of J Sainsbury’s plc’s operating companies share similar brand values: excellent quality, range, service and value. Competencies, knowledge and experience can be shared between the operating companies. А recent example where J Sainsbury’s plc has been able to leverage Sainsbury’s brand is in Sainsbury’s Bank. By using the trusted quality of J Sainsbury’s plc, coupled with Bank of Scotland’s experience and infrastructure, Sainsbury’s Bank has expanded its financial services to establish an extensive range of products and services under the Sainsbury’s banner. On а smaller scale, J Sainsbury’s plc utilises the experiences of colleagues on both sides of theAtlanticthrough а seconded scheme.

Area of the business

We have а loyal customer base, which trusts the Sainsbury’s brand and values the range of services we offer. Using the strength of the Sainsbury’s brand we aim to serve customers in new markets and grow our business for shareholders. By applying skills and competencies learnt in one market we could improve our businesses in others.

In а big company such as Sainsbury’s there are many different styles of management that could be used but there are three basic categories of leadership styles. These are:

  1. Autocratic or authoritarian leadership.
  2. Paternalistic leadership.
  3. Democratic leadership.

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