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Obsessive compulsive disorders are psychological disorders which are directly related to anxiety. They are mostly categorized by the specific through patterns of the individual as well as their compulsions or tasks that they perform in a unique and routine manner. In obsessive compulsive disorders the individual depicts acute signs of infatuation and fixation with a specific subject or object.

The treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder is usually conducted through behavioral therapy. Aside from this cognitive therapy as well as medications can also be used to treat the [patients with OCD. Recently psychodynamic psychotherapy is also used to manage specific aspects of the disorder.  The behavioral and cognitive behavioral technique that can effectively be used to treat the disorder is the exposure and ritual prevention. Through this the client learns to tolerate the presence of the disorder trigger and refrains from performing the characteristic tasks or rituals.

Aside from this medication is also used to treat severe obsessive compulsive disorders. For this usually paroxetin, sertraline, fluoxetine, and fluvoxamine as well as anti depressants can be provided to the client depicting OCD based characteristics. Moreover research has also been to provide that the sugar enzyme of inositol can also be effective in the treatment of the obsessive compulsive disorder. . This is because the inositol tends to modulate and control the actions of the serotonin which cause the disparity in the neurotransmitters and the receptors in the brain. The naturally produced sugar enzyme can contribute largely to the effective treatment of the obsessive compulsive disorder however as the sugar itself is very addictive in nature, it also poses a threat to the clients in case of prolonged usage.

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