Sample Essay

The presence of the internet has spawned an information revolution all around the world. This is directly impacting the news industry in world by changes the roles and identities of the press as the main product that is provided by the news industry is the dispersion of information to the public.

The ease of navigation and information dispersion provided in the internet has enables anyone at all to be a source of information. Many community websites have been created by local journalists and web programmers which provide information on current events, happenings as well as a brief overview of the regional news through these websites to the consumers. Moreover the internet has a global audience and it is possible for people anywhere in the world to access the information as long as it is available on the internet.

With the increased popularity and traffic that is going on the internet, the trend fir people accessing news related information from the internet has also increased. People are now accessing online feeds of current affairs, world news, and weather as well as lifestyle news from popular news sites on the internet. This means that the news industry is facing a reduction in the demand and sales of news papers. People find it much more convenient to access news on the internet at their comfort without having to subscribe or pay for it. However some website and news providing companies online do ask for subscription but it is usually a onetime process and does not require significant investment of money or time.

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