Sample Essay

The articles did not focus on multiculturalism as such. They mentioned diversity in the work place pertaining to the presence of women and the diversity in the society relating to the different roles that women play. However cultural diversity was not the point being raised on discussed in the ads. North did mention in her ad that black females were more likely to be stereotypes in ads mostly due to their different skin color and the history of the black white difference in the society. Another thing that was highlighted in the article pertaining to diversity was that  Hispanics and Asians were more likely to be stereo types as well as compared to the white females as they were considered to have different attributes and s=riles in the society. This raised the issue of whiteness in the society as well.

The articles did not entirely represent diversity in the multicultural society as the main focus of the articles was on the portrayal of women in the advertising, televisions and the print media. However in context of the main theme of the articles, they did depict to some extent how the ethnicity and skin color of the females made them more susceptible to stereotyping in the media.

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