Sample Essay

The leadership providing German members of the top management will be chosen on the basis of their skill of diagnosing, their skill of adapting and their skill of communicating information clearly to their subordinates. Aside from this the local laws and policies of leadership would be combines with those of the company based in Dubai in order to have a balanced mix.

The motivational strategies that would be implemented would be based on the different levels of the management. The motivation would pertain to increasing their willingness to work or the company, attain its objectives and aims and strive to make its established and profitable in the region.  The strategies that would be implemented would include forming teams which would increase comprehension of the market for the Dubai based staff as well a provide facilitation to the German staff to get accustomed to the culture of the company. The workers will also be allowed to set their own performance level to increase their motivation to achieve the levels, the enhancement of work and job to make the job much more attractive and fulfilling for the staff as well as provide competitive bonuses and prizes for achievement of targets. Aside form this mutual exchange of performance and rewards would also be set up whereby the staff would be rewarded for their excellent performance in term of additional vacation time, increments of their salary as well as provide them facilities and non intrinsic rewards for motivation.

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