Sample Essay

Although they reject many worldly values, Hutterites have no scruples about tapping worldly technology to boost farm productivity. Colony-owned trucks and vans haul supplies, products, and people.  Huge tractors pull а full array of modern equipment across the vast stretches of colony land.

           Colonies vary in their mix of agricultural enterprises, but а typical colony might have 1,000 hogs and 50,000 turkeys and might farm some 5,000 to 10,000 acres of land (Amish, Hutterites 1). А growing number of colonies operate flourishing businesses as well.  During recent years, some colonies have established sizable industries related to wood, metal, stainless steel, feed, and other manufacturing operations that sell products outside of the colony.

Computers track management records and control equipment for farming and business operations. Each colony also has large shops that specialize in woodworking, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical expertise to support the colony operations. New buildings are constructed, equipped, and repaired by colony members. Most colony kitchens are fully automated with electric ovens, mixers, and freezers. Although tradition dictates many religious and social norms,  modern technology is widely embraced for farming and household operations (Fleming 1).

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