Sample Essay

The finished product of Boeing 747 composed of five different models. “The passenger model has a maximum range of 8,430 miles (13,570km) in its three-Class 416-seat configuration and has the largest long-haul passenger capability with 524 seats in its two-Class configuration. The freighter model can carry 124t (113,000kg) of cargo 4,400nm. The domestic model has 568 passenger seats and a range of 1,805nm.

The combi-model, designed to carry both passengers and freight has 266 seats, seven cargo pallets and a range of 8,300 statute miles. The first 747-400 model rolled out ofEverettin January 1988 and entered commercial service in February 1989 with Northwest Airlines. Boeing cancelled plans for a stretch version, the 747X, in April 2001.” (‘Boeing 747-400 Twin Aisle Jet Airliner,USA’, 2007)

The first ever freighter model for the 747 was made for AirFrancewhich was delivered in 2002. Following suit KLM, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific Airways, and Nippon Cargo also booked orders for the 747 Freighter. Additionally in 2005 the Boeing Corporation also launched the 747-8 which composed of a GEnx engine and could be used as both a freighter as well as a passenger liner. The technology that is being employed in this model however is going to be the same and along the lines of the technology used in the 787 Dreamliner model.

However, now the Boeing Corporation has decided to gradually retire its 747-400 aircrafts. This has been following the complaints and the aging of the aircrafts since its launch. The Company is instead focusing on developing the 747-8 model which is going to feature the same characteristics of the 747-400 but will be more advanced, efficient and built along the technology as used for the 787 Dreamliner. The 747-8 is therefore due to take the space of 747-400 in the market in the following years.

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