Essay: MIT Company

The passive form “written by MIT” modifies “the research paper” and “the book” in order to have them separately modified, we can use “there is a book, with the research paper written by MIT company made in 1911” or “there is a book, written by MIT company with the research paper made in 1911.” The passive form “made in 1911” modifies “MIT Company”. To modify the book we can have “there is a book, made in 1911, with the research paper written by MIT company.” Example; there is a book on adventure, at the bookshop being opened by the church.


The sentence is not correct, it should be “I need to go to school by bus” or “I need to go to school by taking the Bus” it cannot be written as “I need to go school without taking bus”. Example; I will go to the city by train.

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