Sample Essay

The mission statement of the Company is to foster growth by forming shared responsibility. The Company states that it has responsibility to its clients whereby it puts the clients first and provides superior counseling and advice on the financial products and services while maintaining high level of integrity. The company also has a shared responsibility towards its employees and ts people whereby it provides them with opportunities to realize their potential as well as provide for diversity.

The responsibility for failures, success and accountability is shares by the people in Citibank. Lastly the Citibank also has a responsibility to its franchises according to which the local culture and market it developed for business and active role is partook by the company in the local communities where it operates in.

Vision of the Company

The vision for Citibank is as depicted below:

“Citi was built on the vision of a highly diversified financial services company that could act as one to deliver solutions to clients throughout the world.” (Citigroup Annual Report, 2006)

The main points of the vision for Citibank pertain to becoming a highly accessible entity to the clients; serving the clients of the group as one company; making use of technology in order to serve its clients more efficiently and at lower costs as well as investing in opportunities which provide for high levels of growth in

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