Sample Essay

Even at this advanced stage the glass ceiling persisted both for the blacks and the Asians. The blacks were considered a stigma while the Asians were considered as technical workers and therefore not sought for administrative and managerial jobs.In the chapter ‘Colonized and immigrant minorities’ by Robert Blauner the author discusses the case of immigrants and colonials entering the American society. Over here the author tells us that colonials were actually forced into entering the American society. This goes as back as the time of black enslavement when the people from Africa were captured and forcibly brought back to America and Europe to work on the plantations as saves. The author distinguishes between the colonized minorities and the immigrants by depicting that the immigrants usually leave their own country and come to settle in America as a result of their own choice. The reasons that force the immigrants to leave their country include political instability, large levels of unemployment, low salaries, as well as poor economic conditions.

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