Sample Essay

Business to business integration on specific platforms is important if B2B trade is to be established for a company. Moreover in context of the internet and electronic businesses, integration involves integration of business processes, integration of software and system platforms as well as integration of the data stored and generated by the two businesses.

The process based method of integration requires the two businesses that are interacting and transacting with each other to have business process which are connected at a certain point. This connection can make way for the businesses to have integrated mediums through which they can transact in a successful and cost efficient manner. The data based integration for businesses requires establishment of a centralized data repository like a warehouse from where both the business can access the data and use it as per their requirements. Aside from this the other method of integration for B2B businesses is to have integration based on their operating systems. These systems pertain to enterprise wide as well as specific operation systems which are being used by the business.

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