Sample Essay

Other issues of diversity that are relevant to the study of multicultural diversity pertain to the diversity in terms of culture and gender in the workplace, the equal employment rights of the people regardless of their place of birth and skin color as well as the rights of minorities in the society like gays.

A unique trend that was identified in the advertising media and the roles of the different genders in it showed that men are now increasingly being used to depict feminine products. The feminine characteristics of men are somehow appealing to the audience who is able to relate to them in such ads.

Conclusively the paper has been able to identify the various trends that have been taking place in the media. A comparative analysis of the selected articles was performed which depicted that the articles had a slightly different approach towards the same topic which pertained to the role of women in advertising. The issue of stereotyping women in the media as well as the issue of diversity in the workplace and the media was also highlighted.

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