Sample Essay

The iced tea as a product under the Original Arizona Iced Tea brand has the potential to be well received in the possible international markets ofChina,Indiaand theUK. Moreover as the company seeks to sell the products at low and affordable prices even though they have no compromise on quality, the price of the product in the possible markets would also be favorable and well received. In terms of promotion however the company seeks to not adopt the traditional advertising strategy or methods but in markets pertaining China and India significant promotions might be required as the consumers are prone to be bombarded with advertisements in order to recognize a new product in the market. SimilarlyIndiacan pose difficulties for the company when it comes to the distribution of the products to the consumers due to the lack of comprehensive and efficient road and rail infrastructure in the region.

Competition in the international markets for cold beverages is very high as majority of the countries have more than two international beverage companies operating in the region while numerous local cold beverage products are also made available to the consumers at very low prices. Therefore if the Arizona Beverage Company launches all its beverage products in the international market at the same time it can face stiff competition in the markets. However when it comes to iced tea based products some of the countries in the international beverage market do not have much competition. This can help the Arizona Beverage Company to establish its iced tea products in the international markets.

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