Sample Essay

The proposed marketing strategy of the Rolex SA pertains to maintaining the prestige, the brand value and the status that the Rolex depicts for its consumers while making strategic changes to the marketing plan to increase the demand for the product in the market. The element of technology however is added, through which the production design, processes for manufacture and marketing, as well as unique features and attributes of the luxury watch would be added and enhanced. This is specifically pursued with the use of new materials like titanium and platinum which cater to the changing requirements and demands of the customers for the Rolex watches. Aside from this the strategy also targets the technology conscious who want more hard wearing yet innovative and classical luxury watches from Rolex.

            The marketing strategy of the Rolex SA specific to its Rolex brand of watches, time pieces and accessories should be to determine what the consumers in the market want and provide it to them in a unique and innovative manner through the traditional classic, modern, and innovative Rolex timepieces that are reliable, functional, practical as well provide precision of design and keeping time, while contributing to increase the profitability of the company through increase in demand for the Rolex products in the market.

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