Sample Essay

The main elements of the marketing mix are based on the four Ps of marketing as highlighted by Kotler that include products, price, place and promotion. The marketing mix provides the role that is played by the product, price, promotion and placement of the products and services in terms of marketing the products and services and providing them to the customers. Extensive research over the years has depicted that these elements can be further categorized into the product mix, the price mix, the distribution mix while the promotion mix can form the communication mix including mass communication mix, personal communication mix and publicity mix (Waterschoot & Van den Bulte 1992). However for the purpose of this paper the basic marketing mix is being considered.

The product element in the marketing mix for a company highlights the features of the products and services offered, depicting the physical attributes and differentiation of the product from those of the competitors. If a company has the organizational strategy and objective of providing their customers with products using innovative technology, then using innovative  technology in the design and manufacture of the product and the way the service is provided top the customers can depict the relevance of the marketing mix of the company in terms of products is with the organizational strategy and values of the company to be customer centric, providing them with high level of product satisfaction with the use of innovations and technology.

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