Sample Essay

The following sections provide details on the marketing mix for the Original Arizona Iced Tea product by the Arizona Beverage Company.

Adaptation and Standardizing

The products that were sold in theUnited Statesunder the name of Original Arizona Iced Tea can also be directly launched inIndiaas well without making any changes to the product. This is because natural elements and ingredients of the range of iced teas provided are similar to the tastes and the preferences of the Indian consumers. However in the long run, the company can seek to adapt its products to the local Indian tea culture by incorporate the natural ingredients like cinnamon, ginger, eucalyptus, mint and cardamom in the teas as well to better appeal to the Indian consumers


The branding strategy for the products launched in the region would be based on the basic branding strategy of the Original Arizona Iced Tea. Additional emphasis can be made on the different ranges provided under the brand name with extensions in the form of Green Teas, Black Teas, White Teas, Diet Teas, and Organic Teas. The brand extensions of Spiced Teas can also be emphasized to cater to the Indian market.

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