Sample Essay

The first Choice Airlines employs specialist staff for managing the needs and the requirements of the customer sat the airports as well as at the destinations for specialist holidays and activity based travels. The ambiance and the physical evidence of the service provided by the company is materialized in the form of the travel experience and the service provided in flight and before and after the customers consumption of the service.

The service provided by the First Choice Airlines is a very diverse and unique service. The airline caters mostly to customers who are seeking leisure travel. The specially designed four category of the travel provided by the company pertain to the mainstream, activity based, specialist and simple online destination services and travel.

Due to the nature of the business and the service provided to the customers, the main competitors for the company pertain to MyTravel plc, American Express Company, Carlson Wagonlit, plc, Kuoni Travel Holding Ltd, and Thomas Cook AG. Of these the main two competitors of the company are the American express Company and MyTravel Plc. The following perception map as per the customers’ views of the company depicts First Choice Company in relation to its competitors in the market. The perception map has been drawn up for quality and leisure based service provided

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