Sample Essay

The following section depicts the risk criteria that are involved with the international marketing of the Arizona Beverage Company products, the possible market portfolio mix, along with the SWOT analysis of the three shortlisted markets for the international operations of the company. Through analysis, a one final country market is also selected for the international marketing of the Arizona Beverage Company products pertain to the Original Arizona Iced Tea brand.

Other risk factors that need to be considered before the finalization of the international market for the marketing of the Original Arizona Iced Tea products by the Arizona Beverage Company include the social and the cultural factors associated with the consumption of tea in the international markets. This element provides the acceptance of the products and services provided by the company in the international markets as well as the level of demand that can be experienced. In the United States, tea consumption is not very high, while in other countries like India, China and UK tea consumption is significant and part of their culture and traditions specific toIndiaandChina.

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