Sample Essay

The consumer action groups and the changes in the orientation of the consumers in the market can also lead to changes in the marketing strategy, product lines and the fashion marketing strategy of companies in the industry. Since the 1990s there has been a marked trend of increased level of consciousness amongst the consumers for animal rights and the social responsibility of large corporations towards the environment and the local company.

“The social and environmental impacts of production processes, and the degree of social responsibility with which companies treat their workers, invest their money and conduct their affairs are now all potentially significant on both the marketing and corporate agenda” (‘Marketing’s Role in Corporate Strategy & CSR’, 2006).  As a result the demand for fashion products that were eco friendly as well as not tested on animals increased. This fashion trend was captured by Body Shop which specially categorized its products into natural and herb based themes and marketed the products to the customers as high quality and effective products that encouraged environmental sustainability. Through the community building program, the company founder Anita Roddick devised the strategy to target social responsibility based public awareness amongst the consumers for Body Shop while also increasing the demand for its products. As a result it launchedCocoabased products made with raw materials from impoverished countries in Africa and South East Asia.

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