Sample Essay

Question 1

Explain how a new Container Terminal is influenced by the external environment in which they wish to operate.

 The shipping and logistics industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. The development of economy in the previous years was dependent on the maritime and sea trade industry. However with the advent of the new technology pertaining to transport vehicles, as well as other logistics equipment, the sea trade industry has become limited to the export and import as well as transportation of items which are bulky or too dangerous to transport through any other means.

The main region where the economic activity takes place in the sea trade industry is at the sea port. The sea ports are established at locations where there exists significant amount of shoreline as well as deep sea to enable large ships and cargo carriers to port themselves. The container terminals are located at these ports where the cargo containers are loaded and unloaded. Aside from this the container terminal scan can also be located inland, but near the sea port. The shops usually get access to their cargo and unload their cargo through these terminals. The transaction that takes place between logistic vehicles at the terminal port can take place between the two ships, or between a train, plane, trucks and a ship/ or cargo carrier. Aside from this it is possible for the container terminal to provide facilities of maintenance of the ship/ and other transport vehicles as well as refueling or removing of the fuel of the ship. The storage facilities that are provided by the container terminal pertain to the storage of the cargo based on terminals in its warehouse or storage locations.

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